DJs & Dancers: The Fun Before The Mitzvah

Recently, Cutting Edge carried out a long standing tradition that the company has held since its inception.  Holding the highly energetic and truly enjoyable event known as ‘dancer practice.’  These monthly rehearsals have been going on since the infancy of Cutting Edge Entertainment when the company was based in a small studio office and we would have to clear all the equipment to one side to make room, till today at our current location where we have a private dance studio with mirrored walls roll-out dance floors.

So what exactly is it that we do at ‘dancer practice’ you ask?  Well, it covers quite a bit, including dance routines, techniques in running games, acting/improvisation exercises, ‘Mingling 101’, stage presence, and even crowd psychology (yes, it really gets that deep).

Cutting Edge has always taken a multi-faceted approach when it comes to training our entertainment staff.  Throughout the years we’ve added some things to the practices while taking away others, but our goal has always remained the same . . . Training our staff to be as well prepared as possible to handle every imaginable personality, group or situation that they might encounter during an event.  Every party is different, and there is no set formula, so we have always felt that our staff should have the physical and mental tools necessary to react accordingly.  That is the reason we have always trained our dancers on so many levels .

Some people don’t understand why we include acting, improv, and psychology into our practices, after all, Isn’t a dancer just supposed to be a good dancer?  NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH!  A dancer needs to be a dynamic, charismatic, and engaging individual at an event.  If all they are going to do is stand there and look pretty, we’re simply not interested.  Their energetic personalities become infectious during an event, influencing everyone around them and therefore catapulting the crowd (and the party) to a whole new level.  For that reason our dancers are requested to perform for other DJ companies and bands throughout the Philadelphia region.  The pros know where to go for great staff!

So hopefully this will peel back some of the mystery as to what happens during our dancer practices.  (By this point you should be able to understand why I prefer to call them ‘entertainers’)  Its a lot of fun and everyone always walks away learning something new that they didn’t know about themselves, pushing their skill set up one more notch.

If you are ever interested in stopping by to see what all the noise is about, let us know.  Till next time . . . Ciao!

-Pedro Coelho
Creative Director
Cutting Edge Entertainment



Photos by Eli Allen at Majestic Images –

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