‘Reflections Of A DJ’ by Jean Valentin

My first meeting with photographer Jean Valentin was a brief one, and at first glance he had an Antonio Banderas thing going on, accent and all.  Later I would find out he wasn’t Spanish, although he still had that European charm (and sense of style).  My second meeting with him was at an industry event, and as it happens I was looking for a photographer to shoot a few of my staff and had not had very much luck.  Valentin offered his services and to be honest I hadn’t ever seen his work before.  Judging by the photo above, I think it speaks for itself.

As far as the cigar is concerned, again that was all Valentin.  “Long cigars, like Clint Eastwood” were his instructions of what I needed to bring.  I’m not a cigar smoker, but I think I pull it off fairly well with Valentin’s help.  Ironically the second (bottom) cigar photo is my favorite.




These and more can be found on Jean Valentin’s blog –





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