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When I was a teenager I always loved going to Spencer Gifts at the mall, where, in the very back of the store they kept all the cool blinkie lights.  When I grew up Spencer Gifts sort of lost that ‘wow’ appeal, as I bought cooler and more sophisticated lights for Cutting Edge Entertainment.  A few weeks ago, I was reminded of that wow appeal on a visit to Brian Toner’s ‘Eventions.’  I’m pleased to know I’m still wowed by cool blinkie things.

As somewhat of a tech-geek myself – if not simply a big kid who loves cool toys and gadgets – being at the Eventions warehouse was like being a kid in a candy store.  Aisles and aisles of lighting gear, all meticulously organized and well maintained surrounded me as I just gazed as if I were in a DJ dream.  Over 7,000 square feet of warehouse to be exact filled with cases upon cases of every variety of event lighting one could imagine, stacked so high that he needs a fork lift just to get at them all.  Might I add that my visit with Brian was on a Monday- typically a slow day in the event industry – but there were over a dozen or so guys loading and dispatching truckload after truckload of gear.  Eventions Productions is truly an impressive operation.

I’ve heard it said that you can always tell a tourist in New York City because they are always looking up… well that probably describes me to a tee as I wandered around the warehouse.  Brian had to excuse himself for part of our tour to take a phone call, and I think he found me in almost the exact same spot upon his return, mouth agape in amazement.

Thousands of lights (yes, literally, as I was counting when he left me unattended) including martin intelligent effects lighting, LED’s, leikos, pin spots, par cans, and a bunch of others that I had never seen before.  There were dozens of speakers,  50″ high definition plasmas, and well over 400′ of trussing.  Just beyond the photo was a large pool where he keeps the sharks with the laser beams for Dr. Evil (just kiddin). Eventions also uses ‘line array technology,’ which is the stuff rock bands use to line up speakers for concerts at large venues.

My level of being impressed doesn’t end there.  On Eventions website they offer a service called ‘virtual lighting design’ which allows the client to literally take part in the creative process of their lighting design which has a really cool feature that allows the customer to experiment with all the lighting options available to them to get an idea of what it looks like before the event day.

And to top it all off, Eventions entire facility (office and warehouse) will go completely green by the end of August 2009, implementing LED eco-friendly lighting not only to save electricity, but in a conscious effort to conserve.

I look forward to working with Eventions, and Brian’s knowledgeable staff of event engineers in the future.   Where Cutting Edge Entertainment takes DJs and talent to a new level, Eventions takes technology just as seriously and their passion and love for what they do is second to none.








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