The DJ and Cultures and Traditions of The World

The United States of America is often times referred to as ‘the melting pot’ or ‘the great experiment.’  Over twelve million immigrants passed through Ellis Island in the twentieth century alone, from dozens of different nations and cultures each with their own traditions and customs.

In all the years that I have been providing entertainment for events, whether they be weddings, bar mitzvahs, holy communions or any other sort of family event, I have had the rare pleasure of being ‘invited in’ to glimpse so many different peoples family and cultural traditions.  I have – through necessity – learned uncounted ethnic songs like Italian Tarantellas, the Greek Miserlou, Irish Jigs, and the Polish and German Polkas.  In the last twenty years I have been a part of hundreds of Korean and Chinese tea ceremonies and Jewish crowning ceremonies, sharing in and becoming familiar with so many customs and traditions from so many diverse and far away places.

I suppose if I had been a DJ in some other, more  homogenous nation or society that learning the nuances of my job would be simpler, but like the United States itself, diversity only makes me stronger.  This is just one of the many reasons I love my job, and look forward to continuing the learning process in which I have been so enlightened.


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