‘Marc The Good’ (DJ)

Mench is a Yiddish word which means ‘a good person’.  A mench is a particularly good person with the qualities one would hope for in a dear friend or trusted colleague; a gentleman…  Marc is truly a mench.

I also looked up the word ‘good,’ which – as an adjective – gave definitions like righteous, kind, reliable and honorable, but the word that jumped out at me was genuine. And I’m just talking about his character traits, I haven’t even touched on his talent as an entertainer.

Before I even get into it though, I should say that there is a reason that Marc isn’t writing this blog about himself, and that’s because he is most likely too modest to write about himself.  Since Marc joined Cutting Edge Entertainment in 1995, he has gone above and beyond both the expectations of the clients, as well as my own.  Marc has a flawless record as a DJ/MC, and I would be hard pressed to find one of his past clients that were even slightly disappointed with Marc’s job performance.  In many ways Marc is the Pete Rose, or ‘Charlie Hustle’ of Cutting Edge Entertainment, in that he works as hard as he can until he achieves success.

With so much experience and talent, Marc is the perfect choice for any event, whether corporate or private, formal or casual, bar mitzvah, wedding or holiday party, Marc will see to it that the clients wants, needs and requests are tended to while making certain that the function is a complete success.

Cutting Edge Entertainment is lucky to have Marc, as he leaves no detail unattended, and does an exemplary job on every event on which he is assigned.  In addition, Marc is the ‘DJ manager’ so to speak at CEE, and is responsible for creating the schedule each month and takes great care to staff the right entertainers that fit the specific event they are assigned to, a task at which he it well suited due to his genuine concern for the success of every event we do.

A Philadelphia native and Temple graduate,  Marc is a school teacher during the year, camp counselor in the summer, and has a natural talent for working with kids. Marc is by far the most requested entertainer at CEE, which speaks volumes.




Photo by Kevin York – www.kyorkphoto.com




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