Kevin York & Four Philadelphia DJs

So as I mentioned in my previous blog, Kevin York came out to Cutting Edge Entertainment’s studio in Huntingdon Valley, PA for an impromptu photo shoot last week, and as expected came through with some amazing shots of a few of our MC/DJs, myself included (that’s me above with the Cutting Edge sign behind me.  Kevin had a natural knack for using the buildings on the lot as backdrops for some creative and fun pictures.  Ironically it’s the first time we had done something so ‘off the cuff’ and I was really pleased at the pictures we got.  I think Kevin took about five hundred pictures all tolled, with these being some of the ones I liked best (I liked them all really, so it wasn’t an easy choice).

Richie (above), a Temple graduate, has been with Cutting Edge since he was about fourteen years old, starting out shlepping equipment and moving his way up through the ranks first to DJ, then to MC.  I liked this picture for so many reasons (besides how it looks like some kind of boy-band shot), but mostly because it really shows how cool Richie is.  Rich is probably the ‘workingest’ DJ at Cutting Edge, spinning at clubs and bars all over Philly when he isn’t doing Weddings and Bar Mitzvahs on the weekends.  Likely (one of) our most requested wedding DJs, Rich has a profound knowledge of music and how to apply it at events that is virtually unparalelled.

The ‘new’ Marc Mednick (above) is literally that, as Marc has ‘reinvented’ himself this year.  Marc – like Richie – has been at Cutting Edge since about 1995.  Also a Temple graduate, Marc works during the week as a teacher in the Neshaminy School District, and hence is a natural with kids.  Marc often kids Rich that although Rich might rule the wedding circuit, Marc is the CEE Mitzvah King, with enough thank you letters to fill a file cabinet.  This picture shows Marc just chilling, but those of us ‘in the know’ realize how hard it was for him to keep a straight face while Rich and I were goofing off in the background. (Yep, that’s me choking Rich… He must have claimed to be the better DJ again!)

Ahhh Pedro (above).  Pedro – a veteran of Cutting Edge for fifteen years and a graduate of Drexel U – also fills his week nights working bars and clubs in the Philadelphia area.  Unlike Rich and Marc, Pedro cannot be defined as either mitzvah or wedding DJ, as he is the ‘jack of all trades.’  Zany, silly and goofy Pedro embodies all that is fun, while his corporate background coupled with his experience as a Disney cast member bring a level of professionalism and attention to detail that makes me rest easy knowing he is representing Cutting Edge Entertainment.  The picture above was Pedro’s idea, but ironically shows his hidden quest for ‘power’ at CEE, as he furthers his plans for world domination.

Unfortunately some of our other MC/DJs like Adam, Jason, Justin, Nate, Shoshana & Tony (as well as Kevin who thinks he’s retired) weren’t able to make it, which is fine by me because it leaves the door open for us to work with more great photographers in the future.  Photo shoots are a good time, and I look forward to doing them more often.

Thanks again to Kevin York for these and all the other great photos.

Kevin York

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  1. Love those photos. Kevin’s got a great eye, and some serious skills.

    And having met him that night after the shoot, I can say he seems like a really good guy too… though he needs some work on his “Rock Band” game! 😉

    Nice job, Kevin!

  2. Thank you Craig!!

    You are the best!! I had a great time . I am very lucky to know someone who is so willing to help others .
    We live in interesting times now ,things can be a bit frustrating but when times are tough you find out who your friends are .

    Craig is one of those people .

    Again I had a blast with all of you guys you know who you are and next time we do “Rock Band” look out !!

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