Will Your DJ Be Too Loud?


Well… they shouldn’t be.  The experienced Mobile DJ understands the use of volume.  There are certainly lots of variable factors like room acoustics and the amount of guests at a particular event (often, the white noise of conversations can drown out background music), as well as varying levels at which different songs were recorded.  Bottom line is, the DJ that knows what he is doing has it pretty much under control.  Obviously, during dance sets music levels are often higher than during a cocktail party or dinner, but that doesn’t have to mean that your guests closest to the DJ should be blasted into oblivion when the dance floor fills up.

Volume levels – and guests sensitivity to it – can also be dealt with in the pre-planning stage of the event.  When the client, or the client along with the event planner’s help creates a seating chart, try designing the seating chart with the acoustics in mind.  Seat the guests who might be most sensitive as far away from the placement of the disc jockey and the speakers as possible (folks with hearing aids for example).  The guests closest to the speakers should be the biggest party animals, or the youngest guests who are often least likely to mind.  Many events (like weddings, bar mitzvahs and communions) will have greatly varying age ranges as well, something else that you might consider when doing assigned seating.  Sometimes the smallest detail like this can make a very big difference.



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  1. Totally agree with your post. Great reminder for those planning events. An experienced DJ or MC will check with the client during the event as well to make sur that the volume is suitable to them as well as they are having a good time. 🙂

  2. Absolutely true! I’ll do a shameless plug for BOSE and say that’s one of the MANY reasons why I use the system. Believe it or not, I’ve gotten ZERO complaints about volume in the last TWO YEARS anytime I use the BOSE! 🙂


    Carefully Controlled

    Treble Clef’s disc jockeys have the experience to know what volume range is appropriate for special event entertainment. (As you can imagine, volume that is too loud can spoil everyone’s enjoyment and make it impossible for anyone to converse. On the other hand, volume that is too soft can make it difficult for event guests to hear announcements and to enjoy dancing to the music.) Your Treble Clef disc jockey will use his years of experience and sensitivity to the way your event unfolds, to monitor and control the volume of music and announcements, so that your entertainment is effective and enjoyable for all.

    Cheerfully Adjusted

    Your Treble Clef disc jockey will remain attentive to your wishes throughout your event. Treble Clef’s DJs are experts at keeping entertainment volume at appropriate and enjoyable levels. However, if at any time during your event you wish to have the volume adjusted, your DJ will cheerfully adjust it as you request.

    have a nice day

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