Goodbye Angel

Her posters hung on my walls and on my ceiling… and I loved her.  Today, Thursday June 25 of 2009 I heard the news that one of my first loves – Farrah Fawcett – lost her ‘battle’ with cancer.  I was speechless at first, because although she was 62 years old, she has remained forever young in my memory.  I always felt she left Charlie’s Angels much too early, and I think she has left us too early as well.

I’ve watched her battle with cancer, and have thought to myself how ironic it was that suddenly the media had remembered the pin-up Goddess… but I had never forgotten her.

Like the Elton John lyric says, “I would have liked to known her, but I was just a kid…”  I still am that kid.  There will never be another Farrah, and for those of you who had her posters on your walls, you probably know exactly what I mean.

In a strange twist of fate and irony, my father, who has been fighting a similar battle with prostate cancer and winning, got the news yesterday that his PSA levels had risen and he would begin his battle once again.

Cancer… You are really starting to piss me off.

My thoughts and prayers go out to Ryan O’Neal and Farrah’s family.


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