Philadelphia Bar & Bat Mitzvah DJ/MCs

Cutting Edge Entertainment Presents Generaton Next; The Next Generation Of Bar/Bat Mitzvah MC/DJs

Since 1992, Cutting Edge Entertainment has provided MCs, DJs & Dancers at virtually thousands of events.  Although many of the Cutting Edge staff like Pedro, Kevin, Marc and Craig have been entertaining at events for well over a decade, staying ‘Cutting Edge’ requires an infusion of young new ideas and talent to keep things fresh.  There is no other DJ company in Philadelphia, of for that matter in North America that has brought the caliber of performer to a Bar or Bat Mitzvah event that CEE has, and with our ‘Generation Next’ we intend to continue this tradition well into the future.


Richie has been with Cutting Edge for over fifteen years.  A graduate of Temple University, Richie now works full time as a DJ at both clubs and parties, and is a mix-master having spun at Bar and Bat Mitzvahs since 1995. He brings an unparalleled knowledge of music and with it a clear understanding of DJ entertainment.  Although it is hard to be certain, it is likely that Rich has worked more parties than any other MC/DJ at Cutting Edge Entertainment.


A Junior at Temple University, an assistant H.S. football coach and an import from the great state of Texas, Tony is about as all-American as they come.  Starting out at Cutting Edge as a dancer, he later evolved into a hot commodity as a Sweet 16 DJ.  Tony is as good of an entertainer as he is good looking, and brings a polished style and confidence as a party MC.  Tony’s certainly got a southern charm unique to the Philly mitzvah market.


Triple threat… Singer/Dancer/MC, Shoshana rocks the house at Bar & Bat Mitzvahs.  Cutting Edge has waited seventeen years to bring a female MC to the table, and we couldn’t have asked for a better one.  As a Junior at the University of The Performing Arts, she is serious about performing and will likely leave her mark as one of the best MCs Philly has ever known.


Mr. Penn State University, Jason is a Beta Sig and proud of it.  Young, confident and talented this guy lives and breathes DJ, having worked at almost every club and bar in State College, PA.  Jason started at CEE as a DJ assistant, but quickly rose through the ranks determined to become an MC (trust us, he wouldn’t take no for an answer). One of our hardest working MCs, Jason strives for success, and brings that energy and enthusiasm to every event.


Nate is the Pied Piper of Bar & Bat Mitzvahs.  He literally owns the kids with his charisma, presence and dance talent.  More than that Nate is a natural born leader, having been president of his Senior class at Abington High School, he is now a senior at West Chester University and  his knack for taking charge has taken him from dancer, to co-choreographer, and now to MC in six short years.

Generation Next…

The Generation Next MCs are available to host your next event, and through 2010 they are available at unheard of introductory rates.  With great talent and sharp value, Cutting Edge Entertainment makes the word ‘recession’ merely a buzz word… Book now, and be the first to book one of our future headliners.  Call today for and find out what Cutting Edge can do for you!


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  1. Tony Azzaro

    Hey ya’ll! This is Tony Azzaro. I certainly am as All American as they come! I have been a performer since I could walk, being involved with singing, theater and dancing since I was young. I currently dance on Temple University’s dance team as well! I’ve been at Cutting Edge for over 6 years and have seen many parties in my time. Want to know what Cutting Edge is all about? Well then give us a call or come on into the office! Cutting Edge is the perfect fit because we don’t just make parties, we make memories!

  2. Shoshana Katz

    This is so exciting!

    I love the out takes!

    Hey everyone! This is Shoshana Katz and thank you for checking out our video! I hope this has inspired you to give our company a call so we can provide you with the best services possible for your event. We strive for our customers satisfaction and one of our main goals is to listen to our clients ; we are here for you! And as my man Tony A so wonderfully stated, we aid in making memories for you that will last a lifetime!

  3. Nate Jones

    Hey Folks,

    Nate here, just thanking you for watching our video and hopefully we will see you at your next party! It will definitely be a memorable one! The best thing about all of this is how genuine we are about making sure that you have the best experience and event that is HUMANLY possible. That is what it is about; Thoroughly enjoying one of the most important nights of your life, and we’re here to make sure that happens!

    GENERATION NEXT… see you soon

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