What Does a Good Wedding DJ Do?


Before a good Wedding DJ plays the first song, they ask questions, and do lots of listening.

When a good Wedding DJ meets with a future bride and groom, they like to get an idea of what they are all about.  Get to know their likes, and more importantly their dislikes.  The good Wedding DJ has them paint a mental picture of what they imagine their wedding day to be like, so that the DJ can do their part in making that vision come true.  Naturally, the DJ coordinates all of the formalities, develops a time line (agenda) with the couple and around their courses at their reception and is as much of a resource to them as possible.

The good Wedding DJ talks to the wedding client about music.  Ninety five percent of the time the bride and groom give the DJ a virtual green light simply because they have a music conversation, and they know the DJ understands what they want.  A good Wedding DJ has a broad enough knowledge of music that the client feels comfortable in knowing that the DJ ‘gets it.’  Today, with music so readily available there is very little chance of not being able to find that special request.  The wedding couple get to have whatever they want.

And the DJ still hasn’t played that first song yet…

When a good Wedding DJ arrives at the event they have their t’s crossed and their i’s dotted.  They know all of the elements and details that are important to the bride and groom and what is expected to happen and when.  The DJ then begins to coordinate with the caterer (Maitre’d or Captain) making sure to review the time line, with the photographer and videographer to make sure they are included in the communication loop.

And then, as the guests begin to arrive, the good DJ plays the first song… and then the next, and then the next after that.

For the good DJ, the ‘DJing’ is the easy part.

The success of an event is all in the pre-planning.

It’s your day.

-A Good Wedding DJ

Cutting Edge Entertainment

DJ Brain illustration by Sean Gallo

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