‘Portrait of a DJ’ by Jackie Bayne


Two simple facts….

  1. It is my opinion that this is the best photograph ever taken of me.
  2. The Photo was taken by Jackie Bayne.

I think I was walking by when Jackie told me to sit for a few pictures.  I didn’t expect it and I certainly wasn’t very prepared.  I’ve never posted a picture of myself on my blog before, and I may or may not post one again.

Am I saying that Jackie Bayne is the best photographer?  Well I’m not sure I’m qualified to make a statement like that but what I am saying is that she’s pretty darned good.  The picture isn’t photo shopped, it isn’t ‘touched up’ or altered and it doesn’t need to be.  This is what a good photographer is supposed to do naturally.

Jackie Bayne Photography – www.jbweddings.com

Jackie’s new site ‘Coming Soon’ – www.loveshackphoto.com

Thank you Jackie,




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