Philadelphia Mitzvah DJs for Under $2k ?

Not just the DJ, but the dancers and the MC too!

Yep, that’s right.  This is what we call the ‘economy-buster’ package, and this is how it works…

We have taken our ‘Basic’ package and modified it slightly – Basic Package

The Basic  package typically starts at $2,400.00, but with some slight modifications we’ve brought that down under $2,000.00.  Call us at 215-938-7950 or email for more information.

And that is just for starters!

Check out our Bar & Bat Mitzvah Packages – to find out more options.

Call now, call tomorrow, call anytime before the end of March and save money.  You shouldn’t have to deplete your savings to throw your son or daughter and AMAZING party, while at the same time you shouldn’t have to settle for a DJ company that hasn’t been doing Bar & Bat Mitzvahs for the last 17 years like Cutting Edge Entertainment.

If the price of the DJ you are looking at is too high, maybe you should ask yourself if you want to be paying for a company’s billboards on I95 built into your price.  Shop smart.

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