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WANTED: Cutting Edge Entertainment seeks other professionals in the Philadelphia area in the event industry who are active bloggers!

Ok so I’m admittedly (relatively) new to blogging… but no stranger to surfing the internet, and even though I never did hop on the ‘myspace craze’ and make myself a page (nor do I have a facebook), I have dabbled on other social networking sites like YouTube and been somewhat successful.

But let’s be honest here… I’m still a total surfer.  I have been surfing the internet regularly for a little over six years now, and to me it’s like a universe of discovery; always something new and exciting to find…  from mmorpg’s to viral video, I just can’t seem to get enough!

So why blog?  Well, Denis Sinelnikov from Media Componenents – my web guy –  really was the one I should credit with turning me on to blogging… or at least why I should blog.  At first I must admit it was all very confusing to me; SEO, PPC, Blogging, metatags… he might as well have been speaking to me in Russian.  It took me a while to see the light, but when I did I was all over it (and thank goodness Denis is oh so patient, because I think I call him on a daily basis).

I’m not going to explain blogging here, not because it would take too long (which it would) but because – to be honest – I’m just not educated enough about it to feel comfortable explaining it.

My first clue was that some of the more successful and innovative people in my industry were already blogging, and doing it well.  Like Kevin York from Kevin York Photography, Dave Williams of D’Videography or the infamous Mark Kingsdorf, owner of Queen of Hearts Wedding Consultants, all of whom are doing an awesome job at blogging IMHO (which means “in my humble opinion” in internet speak).

I keep searching my colleagues websites for their blogs, but nine times out of ten I come up empty.  I even spoke to Mark Kingsdorf yesterday in regards to this, and I think – for the most part – he agreed.

So if you’re a blogger, or you want to blog, or you know about blogging, drop me a line at

And thanks for reading 🙂


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  1. Craig,

    Great to see you started to utilize the blog more frequently! It’s a good way to communicate with your readers and visitors.

    I did a presentation at Bucks County Chamber of Commerce on Blogging. You can check out some points and tips from the PDF File linked at this post:

    Keep up the good work!

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