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This week my sales manager Maura asked me to join her at a meeting she had scheduled with World Cafe Live on 3025 Walnut in Center City (closer to University City), Philadelphia.  Typically I am always excited to check out a new venue (new to me) but on this particular Monday I just didn’t feel quite up to it… until I got there.

All I can say is wow… World Cafe Live… yeah, the same World Cafe Live that houses WXPN and has all kinds of live performances… just wow.  I honestly never expected the facility to be so, (resisting the temptation to use more ellipses here), so cool.  Yep, cool, that’s about the best word to describe it.  I’m sure I could say unique (which it definitely was) or exciting or use a plethora of other words to describe it but cool just sums it all up.

We met with Gretchen McHale (Director of Event Sales) and I was truly blown away by the uniqueness of the facility.  In sixteen years as the director of an entertainment company I have never (honestly) seen something so darned… cool.  Often times clients ask me to recommend someplace ‘different.’  Well, look no more.  Gretchen was kind enough to send a few photos for me to use here, but you really need to see this place for yourself.  It screams cool.  It is big, but not too big, hip, and if you haven’t seen it before it is definitely worth the trip.  Before you plan your wedding, Bar or Bat Mitzvah or other formal event (holiday parties hint hint) give Gretchen a call.

Here is a link to World Cafe Live’s private events page on their website.

As a final note I would just like to thank Gretchen for meeting with us.  Gretchen knows her stuff, and is an excellent fit for World Cafe Live.  It was really awesome to find that the person in charge of event sales could go head to head with me talking about bands and music… the DJ in me was quite impressed.  The whole presentation at W.C.L. was very impressive, and I look forward to going there again soon.

– Craig

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