Famous Former Cutting Edge Employees

 (and some not so famous and not so former)

 In the last two months more than a dozen people have asked me about Brianna Taylor, a former Cutting Edge employee who appeared on the most recent installment of Mtv‘s ‘Real World.’  The answer is yes, she did work here for about two years before and after her stint on American Idol.  Unfortunately she didn’t get as far as our first Cutting Edge American Idol contestant Justin Guarini (another former employee), but she certainly has the voice and the talent.

Another former employee (and the greatest choreographer I have ever known), Mike Gamble, is currently in the heat of competition on NBC’s ‘American Gladiator.’  So far, Mike seems to have things very much under control… as he typically does.  Since I know Mike personally I am confident that he has more than a good chance of winning, but my gut also tells me that the show – and the outcome – are already taped and simply waiting to be aired.

Naturally, having semi-famous former employees is nothing new at Cutting Edge Entertainment.  Our first foray into pop stardom was with Angela Trimbur, who was one of the original competitors in the Mtv show ‘Popstars (2),’ as well as on the Mtv show ‘Road Rules.’  Also, Monica Devlin – who still does work for us from time to time – was a Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleader for four years, serving as captain of the squad when they went to the Superbowl and also cheering in Hawaii at the Pro Bowl.

One of my most recent discoveries has been that former dancer Lyndsay Chauveau is working at the Lincoln Center in New York City for none other than Wynton Marsalis, one of my all-time favorite Jazz artists.  Lyndsay has promised that I can meet Mr. Marsalis in the fall if I make the trek to N.Y.C., so I look forward to taking in some cool jazz in the near future.

Lastly, and I think one of the most interesting and unique ‘semi-celebs’ from Cutting Edge, is Katie Sah, known on YouTube as ‘katiesopinion.’  Katie is what some might call an e-celebrity, with over 15,000 subscribers to her videos on YouTube and over a million video views.

Is Cutting Edge Entertainment a star-maker? Hardly.  It’s a simple formula… hire talented people and they inevitably do remarkable things.



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