Although I began my employment at Cutting Edge Entertainment in 2005, it seems like only yesterday. I suppose there is some truth to the saying “time flies when you are having fun”, because for me, that’s what this job has been all about.

In 2009, Cutting Edge published a blog post about me titled “The Philadelphia Sweet 16 DJ Machine” (click the link) because at that time, I was doing Sweet 16 and kids parties almost every other weekend, and I learned quickly that when you do a great job, more clients will call and book you for future events.

As I am closing in on a decade of working here, it is been a remarkable experience being a part of countless celebrations, and each Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah, Wedding, or Sweet 16 that I have worked as a DJ has prepared me for this next step in my entertainment career… To serve as MC/DJ on Wedding and Mitzvah events.

Working alongside the other MC/DJ staff of Cutting Edge (props to Brian, Adam, Marc, Richie and of course Craig) has certainly given me all the tools I need to make this transition, and their tutelage and mentorship has provided me with the confidence I needed to tackle bigger events head-on.

Truth be told, as a “Wedding DJ”, I’ve already put quite a few events under my belt, each one being a learning experience in itself. As a DJ for Sweet 16’s (which I still do), the pre-planning is typically a phone call a week or so before the event, and that is more than enough to achieve success on small parties. On the other hand Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs and Bat Mitzvahs are a whole different ball game.

Being at a wedding reception or mitzvah reception as an MC/DJ is the easy part, and something that having learned under seasoned veterans has more than prepared me for. The new aspect – for me – has been sitting down with my clients in our office face-to-face and helping my clients to plan timelines, choose music and prepare for their special day. I have to admit that I was kind of surprised at how much fun this part of the job would be. It allows me to get to know my clients more personally, get a grasp of their likes and dislikes (musically), and get a better overall understanding of their vision of their reception. Success is 90% preparation, and being prepared for the event allows for everyone, the DJ included, to have a great time.

As I prepare to graduate from Temple University (in 2014), I am both ready and excited to seize the opportunity in front of me as a Cutting Edge MC and DJ on a more full-time basis. This company has been like a family to me, and I’m looking forward to taking on my own events, and taking my place alongside those who were one and in some respect always will be my mentors. And although they clearly have many more years of experience than I do, I enthusiastically look forward to closing that gap, one event at a time.


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