I am the only female MC here at Cutting Edge Entertainment, and let me tell you that, in of itself, is a lot of work.  I’m treated like the little sister; teased and picked on but very over-protected at the same time.  I was fifteen years old when I came from another entertainment company, after being what one might call a “bench warmer” for about six months. I came to Cutting Edge with the hope for growth and, quite frankly, a chance. Well, I certainly have gotten more than that, and along the way have gained a family.

Cutting Edge Entertainment has opened up a world of possibilities that I never thought imaginable. I have my own jobs now, with my own clients, my own meetings, and all of the lovely paper work to go with it. I LOVE IT. I am filled with excitement every time Craig tells me that we have booked another client with me as the MC. I immediately ask for the client’s information and call them right away to let them know that I am their MC and ask them about the type of vision they have for their party.  I make sure to get my client everything they want by listening to all of their desires and requests and attending to every detail.

I am also in charge of auditioning and training all of our dancers. I am still trying to grasp that responsibility because it’s hard to imagine that after a short five years I’m in charge. It feels like only yesterday when Pedro and Allison were up in the front of the studio teaching me how to become a better dancer and performer. Now it is me up front teaching people that are not that much younger than me, how to do this job, and how to do it right. Knowing that the staff looks up to me is humbling in a sense; it makes you grow up really fast. I love each and every one of the dancers here at Cutting Edge. We have a great group who works hard to improve with every event. They are all eager to learn and also know how to have a really good time at a party!

While this all might sound like a full plate of responsibility to some, I still wanted more. I always wanted to get in on the planning side of events. When you MC and meet with clients, you pretty much are planning out their party with them, but I wanted to get involved from the very beginning stages. With that in mind, I spent last  summer hunting for an internship opportunity. My mom and I Googled, “Wedding Planners in the Philadelphia Area” and the very first link that popped up was for The Queen of Hearts Wedding Consultants. After browsing the site, I looked at my mom and said, “ There is no way that this guy is going to take me, there is just no way.” She suggested I talk to Craig to see if he knew anyone that I could get in touch with. We figured he would know SOMEONE, even if it was a little company, just so I could get some experience and THEN try for The Queen of Hearts.

So, I called Craig, and when I got the answer, I nearly fainted… HE KNEW MARK FROM THE QUEEN OF HEARTS!! I died right then and there because after he told me that, he also let me know that Mark was looking for someone with Mitzvah experience. I died yet again. Screaming into the phone with, Craig on the other end of the line, all I could say was “Okay what do I need to do? Will you talk to him? Oh my god what do I need to do? Craig, please help me, oh god PLEASE Craig!” Well, being the little sister has its benefits, because he did talk to Mark, and after I wrote Mark a letter introducing myself and explaining that I was interested in an internship, I was interviewed and began working with The Queen of Hearts this past May.

Working with Mark has been such an incredible experience. In less than a year, I have learned so much from him and all of the amazing staff at Q.O.H. Weddings (a little shout out to Karen, Christina, Rebecca, and Kristin! xoxo). I have found, once again, another family, and quite frankly, that is how a work environment should be. Q.O.H. is growing and I am so excited to be part of this company during such a wonderful time. We will be celebrating our 10th Anniversary this year and 2010 is going to be a promising one full of new adventures, new clients, and new friendships. I am looking forward to all that is to come.

Shoshana Katz

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