I see life like a meandering line, ever changing its course and surprising us with the unexpected. In this case, the line has brought me full circle, back home to Cutting Edge Entertainment.

During my first go-around with Cutting Edge, I was known as “The Dancing DJ”, ever bouncing and fist pumping along with the crowd from behind the DJ booth. I love music, and as they say, if you love what you do for a living, is it really work? I consider myself lucky; not just because returning to Cutting Edge means I’ll get to spend my weekends laughing and working alongside some of my oldest friends, but because we get to share our love of music and fun with one another while making new friends along the way.

Musically, my tastes have changed little through the years. Before becoming a disc jockey I spent several years attending jazz dance classes as a way to exercise and expand my musical horizons, which then led to a love of musical theater and further my love of all things “pop”.

Beginning with the influence of artists like New Kids on The Block, and of course Michael Jackson (Billie Jean being the greatest pop song ever produced IMHO), my music experience evolved beyond mere notes and lyrics, or rhythms and melodies. It was the performance aspect that truly inspired me, it was what hooked me in, and hasn’t let go ever since.

But there was still that pop obsession…

My High School years led to *NSYNC and The Backstreet Boys, and was again not just about the tunes, but the costumes, choreography and concerts. The recent decade hasn’t fared much differently, adding Usher, Ne-Yo and Justin Timberlake’s solo career to the multitude of party-worthy entertainers whose songs I find myself revisiting at events and parties.

I try not to think of myself as an MC, or Master of Ceremonies, but rather as a guide leading my audience through a day that can often be as equally overwhelming as it is memorable and joyous. Your event experience is only enhanced by a DJ who – through the input of the client – can become part of the excitement while allowing the party to occur organically. Name a few songs and/or artists and they’ll become my “Rosetta Stone” to decoding your musical tastes. Your guests will dictate the energy and together, through the music, we will create a story that will last a lifetime. This is the theory I’ll use when helping you plan and execute your party. Every step is vital, every beat is crucial but EVERYTHING should be filled with fun and excitement. Working together with the client has proven a tried and true formula for the success of any event.

So… full circle and back at Cutting Edge Entertainment after almost half a decade. Here is where I stand today; here to entertain you, to laugh with you, to rock the party and share in the fun with you.

So, remember that meandering line I mentioned earlier? Was that marked at the end or was it only another beginning?

-Brian Lacivita

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