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This summer season has been a lot of fun, and all of our DJ staff at Cutting Edge Entertainment have been doing a lot of great parties and events.  As for me, I’ve been rocking out wedding after wedding over the past few weeks and having a great time doing it.  A big highlight to being a wedding DJ is getting to know the bride and groom.  In a wrap-up meeting or on the phone, the excitement and anticipation a bride and groom express about their big day is contagious.  The first time I met Doug and Rebecca, that passion was in the air.  Their number one priority was to ensure that everyone was out on the dance floor.  For them, this was key because they had attended weddings in the past where they had experienced few and sometimes even no guests dancing.  I don’t believe people get all dressed up and go out just so they can sit at a table and stare at their cell phones, watches or one another, but that people come to these celebrations to have a good time.  I feel it is a team effort between the event manager or maitre d and the DJ to make an event successful.  My biggest concern at any event I’m involved with in the role of DJ is to eliminate any lull or down-time.  It is important to have a nice flow throughout the entire event, with my goal being to keep everyone entertained and involved.   Along with the bride and groom, we were able to put together flawless timeline for the reception.

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This was my first time working at the RiverCrest Golf Club, and it was a great experience.  The guests enjoyed their cocktail hour out on the patio beside the pool, during which we played a little bit of everything while everyone enjoyed hors d’oeuvres and drinks outside on the beautiful day.  Once cocktails ended, the guests were seated and with the help of the staff at Rivercrest we started our introductions.  When I do the bridal party introductions, it’s a great opportunity to get things off to an upbeat start.  At the same time, I ‘m very cautious not to come off as the cheesy, over the top radio announcer guy.  I learned from many great teachers throughout my time at Cutting Edge Entertainment, and one of the best lessons I received is, “Nothing works better than just being yourself.”  If you try to be something your not, people may sense that and you can come off as being uncomfortable on the microphone.  When I met with Rebecca and Doug, we joked about doing a funny voice for their introduction into the room.  Every time Rebecca did it, I cracked up, but I gave it my best attempt.  “ANNNNNOOOOOWW everybody make a lot of noise and lets welcome into the room Mr. and Mrs. Doug and Rebecca Ryba!”, at which point, everyone got out of their seats as the DJ played “1000 July’s” from 3rd Eye Blind for their grand entrance song.

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Once the bride and groom finished their first dance, we had special toasts from our Matron of Honor and Best Man, and right on to first course.  Between our first course and entree we had a few minutes to spare so we chose to do our parent dances at that point.  It was a great way to break up dinner a bit, and give everyone a mid-meal halftime show.  As dinner concluded, Rebecca, Doug, and their friends and family were out on the dance floor.  With our uplights illuminating the walls and ceilings, the atmosphere in the room was party time.  We got to do my favorite, which is good ol’ traditional Hora, I also had everyone up for a little Cha Cha Slide action, but the high mark of the night was the “Hitch Dance”.  For all who may be confused on what a “Hitch Dance” is, will its from the movie “Hitch” starring Will Smith and Kevin James, at the end of the movie they are dancing and all the guys are on one side of the dance floor and the ladies are on the opposite side.  One by one a guy dances into the middle followed by a girl and they dance down the line.  The bride and groom started us off, and we saw all sort of dance moves like “The Sprinkler”, “The Lawnmower”, and of course “The Worm”.

Doug and Rebecca’s wedding at RiverCrest Golf Club was a great success which could not have been achieved without the help of Dawn, Patti, Kelli Ann, and the rest of the awesome staff at the venue…  They really made my job so easy.  The best way to get people in a good mood is delicious food and plenty of drinks, and then they’re are all mine.  One of my favorite photographers to work with is Brett of Martelli Photography.  Cutting Edge Entertainment is grateful to have great relationships with so many talented photographers and Martelli Photography is certainly one of them.  Unfortunately, I can only fit so many pictures on the blog, because he has so many impressive images from this wedding.  I know Rebecca and Doug will agree with me that Brett and his second shooter Dawn did a fabuolous job.

Another great thing about my job is getting the opportunity to keep in touch with my clients, long after their wedding is over.  I really look forward to keeping in touch with Rebecca and Doug, because being so awesome,they fit in perfectly with the rest of my newlywed friends.  As I finish writing this blog, I have a huge smile on my face thinking back on a wonderful wedding reception and a legendary bride and groom.
Thank You.

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